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Women of all ages who want to reach back to their past, reconnect with old friends, relive their younger days, or rekindle old loves now have a new tool at their desktop. Let’s face it, women marry, they divorce, some become widows, some remarry, and along the way, their last name changes.

The idea for MaidenName.net was conceived as I wondered about women from my past. I recalled long evenings spent in the college dormitory at Penn State where we contemplated what our futures would hold. I realized that I would never know how things turned out for them since many of their names have changed – perhaps several times.

If anyone from my past were trying to find me, they would need a private detective and a lot of luck. Originally from Philadelphia, I have lived in N.Y. State, New Jersey, throughout Maryland, in Florida, and now just outside of Denver. I have had three last names, my maiden and two married names.

Creating MaidenName.net is my way of giving people like me a chance to reconnect. Everyone has looked back at one time in their life and wondered what an old friend or flame is doing now. Whom are you thinking about?


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